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  • Program license Free
  • Version 2.05
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  • Works under: Windows 2000
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Joonas “Regalis” Rikkonen

The Hangman game you may have seen on TV.

Without mentioning any names, this hangman game is very similar to a game you may still see on TV. Most people know how hangman works. A word, name, place, location, movie, book, etc is hidden from the player. All the player gets to see is the number of letters that are in the word(s). The player guesses letters and if the letters are in the word(s), then they are revealed as per their position within the word(s). If you guess a letter and get it wrong, then a piece is added to build up the picture of the hanging man. Once the hangman picture is complete, then the player is out of guesses and the game is over.

Hangaroo Is Similar To Hangman

The premise for hangman is the same, but you get a certain amount of guesses that are highlighted at the top of the screen. If you get too many wrong, then the Kangaroo goes to heaven. The game does not show a graphic hanging, it only show the kangaroo turn blue and grow wings and a halo to show that he or she is dead.

Like A TV Show

When you play Hangman, you usually given a clue as to what the word(s) are all about; for example, “Movie” or “Catchphrase.” However, the Hangaroo game is more like a TV show in that it gives you a sentence as a clue. The sentences you are given will depend on the difficulty you choose for the game. It may be something such as “Tallest mountain peaks and ranges” or something such as “A constellation in the night sky.”

An Especially Programmed Hangman Game

Your job is to find the hidden phrases within the game, and the game is loaded with thousands of hidden phrases and terms that are presented in a random order each time. That helps to ensure that you do not keep playing the same game over and over, and it removes the advantage that long-time players may have.

You get to watch the kangaroo on the left react to your answers. He/she will act quite happy when you get a letter right, but will become increasingly angry and worried if you get questions wrong.


  • Rather like the TV version of hangman
  • Lots of terms and phrases are loaded into the game
  • A reasonably fun way of playing hangman


  • Only narrowly beats a pen and scrap paper
  • Suitable for people with time on their hands
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